There is a world which doesn't resemble any other. It is dangerous and unpredictable for the unprepared. This dimension is called Drakdrek. The operation of the universe is kept up by the perfect balance of the three dimensions, for which the Royal Council, whose members live in Drakdrek, are responsible. Every year they choose a few youngsters who are about sixteen from the Earth by applying their ancient tradition called spirit laceration. Then, those selected are invited to Raws Fighter Training School in order to avoid a new dimension war. However, this battle starts earlier. Sarah Elmost, a professional cross-country motorcyclist, doesn't find her place on the Earth for some reason. She gets an invitation to Raws after getting over a close-to- death experience. The moment she arrives in Drakdrek she experiences unbelievable things. The nightmare horse, which recurs in her dreams, becomes real and it seems as if the Drakdrekians were hiding something from her.

" - Hush, do you hear? - the two boys looked at their father confused. - Listen well and feel their desperation. - Suddenly the harrowing tune coming from the riverbed got louder.
- Are they crying down there? - asked Jonas in fear, looking at his father who was holding the bridle of the unicorn. The man shook his head.
- No, they are not. It’s the fairies praying. They are beseeching to be rescued. - He explained, comfortingly patting his son's blond locks.
- The fairies of the river are waiting for their saviour. But who they are?
- They are offspring of the worlds. They are the Soulriders."